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AWP Electrical & Son LTD.

Domestic & Commercial Electrical Contractors.


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AWP Electrical is a family based company you can trust, Our team of electrical installers have built up a good reputation all around the south west.


Whether it is just a simple fitment replacement due to modernisation or fault we can supply a service for you. Our Electricians in Bath can even diagnose the fault with Electrical installations. This can be as simple as a nail going through a cable when hanging a picture. Most faults are easy to identify and our electricians can advice on the best course of action regarding repairs.



Our clients have ranged from home owners too major fast food establishments. Large or small, the job size is not important but what is important to us is that our customers are left feeling happy with our Electrical Repairs or Electrical Installations.



Domestic Electrical wiring is the area we are best known for and whether it's an extension to an existing circuit or replacement our team will be exactly what you require to get the job done.



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