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If you are a landlord of one or multiple properties it is important to understand your obligations for electrical safety. HMO's must be electrically tested at least once every 5 years and checked for electrical safety and compliance to the latest wiring regulations.


These checks are designed to help landlords achieve the acceptable standard and comply to local government rules. Did you know that any property that is not an HMO still needs to be tested as safe and it is the landlords obligation to prove the property is safe for anyone renting the whole property or just a single room.

Landlords should already be aware of this but if you’re a renter then you may not know. It is vital as a renter to ask for information regarding the current state of electrical safety within the property,


If unsure when it was last checked then simply look at the sticker on the fuse box or consumer unit. If the information shows it is past its inspection then question why with the private landlord or agency involved, they have a duty of care towards anybody staying or using the property.

EICR's with 20% sample testing start at only £180+vat for fuse boards with 8 circuits or less.

We would recommend testing of over 90% which starts from £240+vat for property purchases or where previous test results are not available. This covers fuse boards with 8 circuits or less, additional circuits are charged at £20+vat per circuit.

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