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Renewable energy solutions...

At AWP Electrical, we take pride in offering cutting-edge solar solutions that cater to the unique energy needs of our valued clients. With a passionate team of skilled professionals and a commitment to sustainability, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment while helping our customers harness the power of the sun.


Our personalized approach begins with a comprehensive assessment of each client's property, ensuring we design the most efficient and cost-effective solar system possible. From residential rooftops to commercial installations, we offer a wide range of top-quality solar panels and state-of-the-art technology, backed by industry-leading warranties.


With our expertise and dedication to exceptional service, we aim to empower our clients with clean, renewable energy that not only saves them money but also contributes to a greener and brighter future for generations to come.

Battery storage solutions.

We understand the importance of maximizing the benefits of renewable energy.


That's why we offer battery storage solutions that complement our solar systems, providing our clients with an efficient and reliable way to store excess energy generated during peak sunlight hours.


Our battery storage solutions are carefully selected to ensure optimal performance, longevity, and safety. By storing surplus electricity, our clients can access power even during grid outages or at night, reducing their reliance on traditional utility grids and further enhancing their energy independence. With our advanced battery technology and expert installation, we empower our customers to harness and utilize their solar energy efficiently, leading to greater cost savings, increased sustainability, and a brighter future for both them and the environment.

Instead of just using battery storage you may be able to redirect any surplus energy to a vehicle. A Zappi is a great solution for full intergration when using EV charging systems.

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